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Penny Skateboards | Cruiser Skateboards

We at Cruiser Skateboards love Penny Skateboards, high performance, long lasting, ultra fun plastic skateboards. Check out this video!

What sets Penny Skateboards apart from other skateboards?  When you ride a Penny Board you can feel the difference under your feet.  It’s highly balanced, each component comes together to make a  final product that is ultra smooth, quiet and tight!

Penny Skateboards are  built with the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail.  Penny boards look good, their designed to perform well and they will  exceed all your expectations.

Penny Skateboards And Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards | Penny Skateboards

Penny skateboards are the reincarnation of the “banana boards”, a plastic skateboard that was very popular in the 1970′s.  Penny skateboards update the classic banana board design with modern day advancements in plastics, alloys and composites.

Penny boards  have a non-slip waffle top that provides a great flex that will give you  the perfect ride.  Penny skateboards are ultra-portable and features a custom 3-inch Penny branded hanger truck plus 59mm/78A Penny wheels with Abec 3 bearings.   The Penny board measures just 22 x 6 inches,  which makes it the perfect size for any locker or backpack.

As we said, the banana board was popular in the 1970’s, but lost luster because the board manufactures were not able to keep up with the natural progression of the sport.   By utilizing modern day advancements in plastics, alloys and composites, the banana board is alive again with a product that has to be seen to be believed.  Penny skateboards are available in 14 different color variations including a transparent and a glow-in-the-dark model.   Most importantly, the Penny board is a revolutionary product that has seamless appeal to all types of skateboarders – young to old, core to longboarder, beginner to expert.

You won’t believe how smooth and quiet the Penny board is.  It’s a ride like no other.  A tight little board that can take punishment like a champ.

Penny Skateboards Are Here To Stay!

Penny Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards Loves Penny Boards!

Cruiser Skateboards believes that Penny skateboards are a real treasure to own, get your Penny board today!

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards

Are you looking for cruiser skateboards ?   You’ve come to the right place!

Cruiser Skateboards Loves The GoPro!

Cruiser Skateboards



Here at Cruiser Skateboards we have assembled a collection of great cruiser skateboards for you, as well as other skateboards and accessories.

Penny Skateboards

It seems everyone is interested in trying out Penny Skateboards, and it’s no wonder.  Their smooth, quiet, small and tough!

It feels so good to be gliding down Cruiser Skateboards | Penny Skateboardsthe side walk on one of our cruiser skateboards!!!

But if you like doing tricks on ramps, check out our selection of trick boards! They are designed for doing lots of cool tricks.

And if you want to customize or change your board, Cruiser Skateboards has it all!!!  Decks, grip tape, wheels, trucks and more!!!

Cruiser Skateboards

(And Penny Skateboards)

But if you want to cruise and put your skateboard in your backpack, try  Penny Boards!  They’re small, portable and fun!!!  Just take them out and ride!!!

Here at Cruiser Skateboards we also love RipStiks!!  A RipStik is like a skateboard but it only has 2 wheels!!!   These two wheeled boards are much easier to master than you would expect.   Instead of pushing it like a normal skateboard you have to twist your legs to go. There are several different kinds of RipStiks.  For instance, one is made for doing tricks and another for cruising!!!

If your serious about doing tricks at skate parks and grinding rails you need good trucks and wheels.  You can find those here also!

Cruiser Skateboards History

So, What Is A Cruiser Skateboard?  A cruiser skateboard has a classic deck shape with a kick-tail on the back.  A cruiser skateboard can be long or short, but is made for straight ahead cruising.

Many cruiser skateboards are long boards.  Long boards generally measure 33 to 59 inches long while the width varies from 9.0 to 10.0 inches.   There are a number of shapes for longboards, such as pintails, flat-nose riders, drop through decks, drop decks  as well as long boards with the same shape of standard skateboards.

For instance, pintail skateboards permit looser trucks and larger wheels which make for better carving or a “surfing” feel.  Drop decks and drop throughs allow a rider to be closer to the ground, hence a lower center of gravity which increases stability and allows these boards to support more high speed downhill riding. Mid-length boards, 37 to 50 inches, are the most versatile.  The greater weight and bulk they have make them less able to do skateboarding tricks, but this does allow for fluid motion.  The longboard’s design allows for big turns and quick short carves similar to the motions of surfers or snowboarders.  Longboards have all the same parts as any other skateboard although the parts generally have different dimensions and the wheels are softer, which gives longboards a much smoother, quieter ride that a standard skateboard.

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser Skateboards








So if you’re looking for cruiser skateboards, Penny Skateboards, or any type of skateboard or skateboard accessory, you’ve come to the right place.


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